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in sonoma. deborah villalon live now in santa rosa where 14-year-old marcus johnson was remembered today. >> reporter: heather this message at rincon valley middle school will greet students returning tomorrow from spring break. expressing the sorrow many of them shared today. >> reporter: when he was 3 years old he started watching his cousin chase race. >> reporter: both racers both champions until a freak accident with a steering wheel sent one teenager's car careening out of control hitting and killing his own cousin. >> marcus was watching a race in marysville when a freak unforseen, unavoidable accident took place. >> reporter: that was the only mention of the crash as a crowd filled this church and overflowed into two other rooms. 1,700 people in all. >> he would be overwhelmed i think he would say wow, cool. but i wish they all were in an arena some where watching me play basketball. >> reporter: basketball was the eighth graders other passion. >> he didn't turn his uniform in immediately at the end of the season. >> reporter: his coach remembers an apology marcus wrote to him.
of the vehicle. >> straight out the gate probably 90, 95 miles per hour just flew in the air and marcus just left my side and went to the other bathroom and was walking back from the restroom and the car flew in the air and hit him. >> reporter: marcus and dale wondergym died from their injuries. dale was not hurt. the santa rosa teen was also looking forward to playing high school basketball next year. >> the sweetest young man. all his coaches, all his friends would tell you the first one to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> reporter: rob johnson says chase told him his steering wheel had popped off and that's why he lost control of the car. >> every time he got out of the car in every race would check and check and check. i don't know how it could come out because he always double checked it just to make sure. i don't know how it could come up. >> reporter: chase was too upset to talk to us about what happened. chase learned to race here at the petaluma. the raceway declined to comment but said that chase was well known here with a promising future in racing. >> the other person kille
marcus johnson was in the pitt area, watching his cousin complete warm up laps when the car suddenly went off the track and struck the santa rosa teen and another spectator, killing them both. >> i was completely shocked i just didn't think that was possible, not marcus. >> reporter: basketball coach, and teacher, patrick eagle described him as a dream kid and player. >> always supportive of his teammates, never said anything mean, tried hard all the time just an all around terrific kid. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether the car's detachable steering wheel malfunctioned. his father said his nephew chase johnson had taken precautions with the wheel. >> he checked it. i watched him check it myself. i don't know how it could come apart. >> reporter: they were said to be more like broughtcome from a long tradition of racing. at the family's muffler shop a picture and words of remembrance for the eighth grader. >> i am going to miss him a lot. it is so crazy he is not here any more seemed like just yesterday we were playing basketball. >> reporter: the 17-year-old chase, john
. among them-- twitter, which turns seven-years-old today and pinterest. "dropbox, spotify, nieman- marcus, hilton, could file in the next few months and go public this year." on the ipo calender today, marin software, a cloud-based digital advertising firm is scheduled to offer seven million shares at between 11 and 13 dollars. boeing is under pressure. all 50 dreamliners are stuck on the ground due to a battery problem, now, airlines that own the jets want money from boeing for the trouble. ana out of japan wants the compensation to come in the form of cold hard cash. air india reportedly wants the same deal. whether boeing will offer compensation to carriers is up on the air. the sec is keeping an eye on "exotic expenses." the agency is now tracking how much hedge funds charge their investors. its a rule that was implemented under dodd-frank regulation. expenses such as travel and entertainment are being watched to make sure they are "reasonable." it's a done deal for mf global customers. jp morgan chase is agreeing to return money they lost when mf global collapsed in 2011. full
moment of silence paying tribute to 14- year-old marcus johnson from santa rosa and 60-year-old dale wondergem, 68-year-old dale wondergem. last saturday the two were killed when a driver lost control and crashed into the pit area. some say it's too soon to have a competition, but others say it's what the fans and drivers wanted. >>> continuing coverage now of march madness and the ncaa tournament is now over for cal. we were at kip's bar in berkeley where some fans who didn't make the trip to san josi gathered to watch their team take on syracuse and cheer them on, but unfortunately it wasn't the result that they were hoping for as the bears saw their championship run end tonight. ktvu's debora villalon is live at hp pavilion where that game just wrapped up a short time ago. such disappoint. >> reporter: yes, heather with the win fans might still be here, but they cleared out fast reflecting on what might have been. >> hey syracuse, good luck success, you guys will run into someone called oregon soon. >> reporter: cal fans did not beat the odds tonight. the exuberance and experienc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5